Premier League Historical Facts

The Premier League is perhaps the most anticipated sports event in the football calendar. The simple mention of this word is enough to bring to life the dullest conversations and cause the biggest arguments in any room or chat room. It causes a lot of laughter, spirit and healthy competition among football enthusiasts and fans. Football fervor isn’t uncommon in male gatherings and not just in England, but around the world. There is a certain anxiety that comes with this particular league. Bets are made, menacing Facebook statuses are updated and friendly scrutiny flies round bars and homes in response to the most loved game in the world.

To date, 20 English clubs participate in this game of skill. Each club is composed of English and Wales teams. There is a lot of love for the Premier League, but half of football enthusiasts know little to nothing about its roots. The Premier League was founded in 1988 in England and was much less significant during this time. The competition only became more prevalent in the 90’s because of increased commercialization and technological advancements. In England, the League only gained prominence after the association’s owners took up a deal for television rights to air it for 24 hours. This occurred in the year 1992.

After its popularity grew, the Premier League was publicly named in Manchester, England. The then four division League, which was formally known as the Football League was spilt up into a three division Football League and The Premier League, both of which are widely known today. There were no alternations made to the football rules and regulations or the number of teams that played the game. When its popularity became more prevalent, the League started incorporating more players from different countries into various teams. It is known to mother the most talented players in the world. The Premier League is currently composed of 52% foreign players, most of who circulate around these teams depending on their market value.

The first ever Premier League game was between Sheffield United and Manchester United. Manchester lost to Sheffield with a 2 -1 score. Brain Deane scored the first ever goal in Premier League history. There is so much to the Premier League that most football fanatics don’t know. Apart from being the most famous Football Association in the world and being known for the most fervent and historical games, it is also a huge part of both football and English history.

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